The SureFit Arm Weights Kit include:

– 2 SureFit Arm Sleeves (Left & Right)

– 12 Half Pound Weights (LG/XL); 8 Half Pound Weights (MED)

– 3 Grip Pro Trainer Rings (30lb, 40lb, and 50lb Resistance)

– Grip Pro Trainer Exercise Guidelines with Video Examples

– EMVP Sports Performance Drawstring Bag

– Special Teams U SureFit Arm Weights Training Guide

Shipping Included



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Just like our SureFit Leg Weights, our SureFit Arm Weights are built for performance. They will not move or slide giving the athlete complete freedom of movement while still maintaining proper form or technique. All the muscles used within the desired exercise or movement, such as swinging a bat, throwing a ball or hitting a punching bag, are being pushed to work harder, strengthening them at the same time. That means the next time you perform those movements, they will be done with greater speed and power. This is functional strength training at it’s finest.

We design our products to emulate the body’s natural anatomical shape – so that your body recognizes the weight as natural. The SureFit Arm Weights are positioned on the entire forearm, just below your elbow and just above your wrist, with a bicep wrap to secure it. With our design, your hands, wrists and elbows can move freely and function like normal when gripping or throwing a ball.

Just as we discovered during the testing with our SureFit Leg Weights, the same applied with our SureFit Arm Weights. The added resistance makes the athlete concentrate much more on their technique. This is invaluable to the athlete as they work harder to find the most efficient technique or ‘groove’ as many like to call it, which builds muscle memory.

With our interchangeable weight system, each athlete can progress at his or her own pace, selecting a resistance within each arm sleeve from 0.5 lb to 3.5 lbs with our large and extra large sizes, and up to 2.5lbs for our medium. The individual weights are strategically placed to provide balanced resistance.

By adding the weight securely to the forearms, (instead of placing the weight in your hands or loosely around your wrist) the body naturally works to overcome the added weight. Now your muscles are working harder, yet safely, and strengthening simultaneously.

We have created a more ergonomical, comfortable and safe to use arm weight. Wrist weights, Weighted balls, Weighted bats are nothing like our SureFit Arm Weights, nor do they produce the results that we do.


Sizing Chart –

Forearm: 9 – 10.5, Wrist: 5.25 – 6 inches = Medium

Forearm: 10.5 – 11.75, Wrist: 6 – 6.75 inches = Large

Forearm: 12 – 13.25, Wrist: 7 – 7.75 inches = XL

Forearm: 13.5 – 14.75, Wrist: 8 – 8.75 = XXL

(The forearm measurement is the more important of the two)


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Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL


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