This option allows you to pay the full amount for the Membership up front.

When you purchase a membership you get access to exclusive perks and members-only deals. These exclusive perks include: Free evaluation, Free virtual lessons, Free weekly workouts, Free showcase video, Recruiting document and Discounts on lessons and workouts. Purchase your membership today to make sure you are taking advantage of these exclusive deals.

Choose from 2 month, 4 month, 6 month, or a 12 month option!

You can save $$ every Month by purchasing a 12 month membership.

2 Month Membership – $200

4 Month Membership – $360

6 Month Membership – $480

12 Month Membership – $840

Read more about the exclusive perks you will receive below!


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  • Unlimited Evaluation (Only members can send film to Coach anytime)
    • Members can send film to Coach Stelter for evaluation. Coach Stelter will use Hudl Technique to voiceover their film as he walks through issues that need to be corrected.
  • Recruiting Document
    • Member will choose 10 schools to contact. This is a Google doc that will have College Coach’s contact information provided by Coach Stelter.
  • Members Only Showcase Videos
    • Only members will have professionally created showcase film posted to the Special Teams U social media where it will be viewed by thousands of College Coaches!
  • 1 Virtual Lesson every month ($75 Value Per Month)
    • One regular virtual lesson that includes corrections and drills.
  • Discounted Virtual Lessons after initial lesson is used 
    • Once you’ve used your 1 free lesson each month, only Members get an exclusive discount on virtual lessons. ($10 off)
  • Discounts on Weekly Workouts
    • Members get a discount on snapping workouts created specifically for them! ($5 off)
  • Discounted Private Lessons 
    • Members only exclusive discount on Private lessons. ($10 off)
  • Priority when booking lessons
    • When Coach Stelter travels you will have first pick of times to schedule your lesson.

College Seniors and Free Agents also get:

  • Agent Aquisition
    • Coach Stelter will help you find the right NFL agent for you
  • Exposure to College Senior Bowl Games
    • Through his connections, Coach Stelter has helped place long snappers in almost every senior game and will do the same for you!
  • Exposure to NFL teams
    • Coach Stelter has NFL teams reach out to him every year for his list of snappers because it is such an under scouted position. Get your name on that list!
  • Assistance Navigating the NFL journey
    • Coach Stelter started from D3 and overturned every stone on the way to his NFL opportunities. He can help you find the easiest path from his personal experience.
  • Help you get to the right exposure events
    • Through personal experience as a player and a coach, Coach Stelter knows what events to attend and which to avoid.

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2 Month Payment Plan, 4 Month Payment Plan, 6 Month Payment Plan, 12 Month Payment Plan, 2 Month Pay in Full, 4 Month Pay in Full, 6 Month Pay in Full, 12 Month Pay in Full


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